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Create Award Winning Web Design – 5 Tips

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016

Create Award Winning Web Design – 5 Tips

With the expansion of the internet and it’s every day’s use, developers of websites have been faced with a competitive demand that this market requires. The more visually attractive website is – the more traffic it will have and on the longer run and it will produce more money. This is a whole new branch for investment, where companies and independent developers see their chance for profit. But, how to build a website that will win you prestigious awards and open a door to this new world of possibilities?

Here are some tips that we prepared for you:


  1. White background is an imperative

When you are creating a website, it’s really important to utilize white background because the audience wants to experience sophisticated and elegant design. You will want to give them focus on key elements on each page and important content should stand out from the rest of it. White background, which also can be called white space, will not only improve your web site’s look but will also give it a reasonable appearance, easy for management and reading. With the white space, you can combine minimalistic design on your homepage, instead of creating a cluttered environment, like many other developers do. In this way, you will intrigue their imagination and make them stay and explore.

  1. Navigation through website should be easy

Your new website should be as easy as possible for usage because the audience will require those features from you. If you have a too complicated interface, they will feel lost and they will avoid your website from the start. If you market or sell some products on the homepage, they should be easily accessible and specially marked, so that audience can notice them. Navigation bar should support both, mobile and desktop platforms. To test your website, use widely accepted three-second rule, which means if your website catches a visitor within three seconds after you placed it on the web, you are there for success, if not, you will have to improve some features. For example use clear and user – friendly content and graphics on each page should be high – quality and minimalistic so it can guide the audience to your most important feature of the website.

  1. Show customer reviews and special offers to engage visitors


When a visitor opens a web page, he doesn’t want to be stuck with tons of content or pictures that never ends. Make sure to organize web page so it can be clear, user – friendly, conventional and proportional regarding the pictures and content. You can always insert some positive customer reviews; in that way, it will give the confidence to the audience.

  1. Speed of the web page is one of the priorities

The quicker web page is, the more satisfied your audience will be. If you have a homepage that loads too slow, it will eventually decrease your profit and you will lose on conversation rate. Studies have shown that here can also be applied a three-second rule, if it takes more than three seconds to load a home page, the audience or shoppers will abandon it. There are ways in which you can work to speed up your website, but you will probably have to rely on the help of engineer for that.

  1. Use responsive design

This will allow users to see your content from various mobile devices and desktops. If you invest in this, it will increase your traffic and bring your profit.

There are many examples of beautifully designed websites that fall short on design and functionality when they get displayed on smartphones.  This problem is most commonly seen in large e-commerce sites.  Visitors want to see nice images of what they are going to buy, clear title and descriptions, and a simple checkout process. All this spells out the HUGE challenge of responsive web design. One great example of a large e-commerce site that executed a nice clean responsive design is this cell phone accessory website.

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